Ernie Perkins


    In September 2007, Mr. Perkins established RCE, LLC as a small general contracting business to mainly provide services for friends and community members that believed in his skills, vision and passion. From those humble beginnings he has grown RCE into one of Indianapolis' premier facilities management companies. His dedication to excellence, presice vision  and uncanny leadership has placed RCE on the path of unprecidented growth over the past 8 years. He has stayed true to his vision of developing a family oriented work environment that empowers and enriches all members of TEAM RCE!

    Doug Hefferman, Consultant

      Meet Doug Heiferman Industry consultant for RCE .
        Doug has trained and motivated thousands of individuals in the field of textile cleaning and restoration throughout the U.S. For the past 25 years . He is a IICRC Approved Instructor and certified Master Textile Cleaner in addition to FCITS Certified Carpet Inspector . His education includes a corporate background in finance and customer service working in New York City for Fortune 500 companies. Doug also
      Holds degrees in political science and business management .
          He also holds numerous industry certifications in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, odor control , water damage restoration, carpet repair and installation, health and safety, 10 hour osha certified, color repair. Dougs developed highly specialized courses in oriental rug cleaning and repair , tile , stone , wood , textile maintenance as well as marketing and management seminars. Doug provides consulting, business development and support through his company DH Seminars . His belief in hands on training has led him to develop numerous technical training courses for the largest organizations in the cleaning and restoration industry. Dougs high energy and motivational teaching style makes him one of the most widely requested consultants in the industry.


      Community Leader


      RCE Facilities Management, LLC is always seeking qualified, competent and passionate team memebers to join us!  We are an Equal Opportuinity Employer that takes prides in hiring the highest quality of worker to fulfill our high #THERCETOUCH standard, our long lasting track record of excellent customer service and those dedicated to the empowerment of each team memeber. If you think you have what it takes to be an active member of TEAM RCE, then apply today!